About me...

I am a long time animal lover and native New Yorker. I grew up in NYC with two Great Danes, one boxer, three sisters and my parents. I attended Convent of the Sacred Heart where instead of sports I walked dogs as a business all through high school. In those five years I built quite a business and amassed a lot of knowledge of animals. I learned what things worked with dogs, what did not work and how "to read" the dogs that I walked.

Off I went to Tulane, where, sadly, no dog walkers were needed. There I began to study animal behavior and train dogs. I found that I was able to enhance the communication between a dog and its family. I also found I was able to adjust or clarify the expectations of the human family. I realized how rewarding this work was - and I have never stopped working with dogs and people since that time.

This means I have been training dogs and people since 1985 and I still love it just as much. I learn something new from every dog and every owner. Dogs are live, individual beings; therefore one method does not apply to every dog. People vary just as much and I strive to find a productive way to instruct the owner as well. I look forward to each new client as it gives me an opportunity to craft my talent even more and deepen my relationship with dogs.