Louis and Eloise...
Louis and Eloise are my best chocolate labs! Louis was my trainee two years ago and Eloise was added about 6 months ago to keep him company. Louis is a serious and sweet big boy. Eloise is a bit more energetic and frenetic and still likes to chew things she should not. They love to go for long walks, to play in the dog run and try to eat everything off the street. They recently got a new addition of a baby boy in the house! Life has been busy for these dogs and they are thriving.
Cooper...Cooper is a work in progress - who has improved dramatically thanks to his hard working owners! He is a very reactive dog who loves to find trouble when he can. He lives with 2 cats and still sometimes enjoys chasing them. He got into a bad habit of lunging at dogs while he was on leash and therefore had a hard time making any friends. We explained to him this would not work and now he knows- with a bit of help from us- that looking for trouble is not always the best option. He is becoming more cuddly and sweet and understanding the benefits that come with behaving this way. He is still his same spunky self - but now we know he will listen to us and we can keep him safe.
Billi...Billi is a lab who had a rough past. She is now happily living with her adoring owner and has transformed his life. Her past included sleeping in a car for weeks on end, being hit by a golf cart and living in several homes. Billi matured and mellowed into a happy, healthy, bouncy and trusting dog thanks to her owner. I love happy endings!
Atticus...Atticus is a true gem of a dog. He is the most beautiful Standard Poodle I have come across. He has had a year of many changes that resulted in some erratic behavior on his part. He loves training and is coming along amazingly well. He now enjoys playing with other dogs off leash and feels at home in the city. I hope to never be done working with him or his owners!
Mabel...Mabel has just switched from a teenager to adult with the addition of her new younger sister, Rosie. Mabel gets more comments when walking down the street that anyone I know- she is purely angelic outside. At home she still enjoys a bit of thievery-whatever may be lying around and her young masters toys! In the summer Mabel like to do laps in the pool and play ball.
Rosie...Rosie is a new addition. She is trying hard to keep up with her bigger sister. She is a fast learner and has a naughty edge. She seems to enjoy digging holes and creating mud puddles. She loves training and is coming along very quickly. She is only allowed on the top step of the pool until she gets a bit bigger-which will be soon.
Roman...Roman is a gorgeous, energetic Bernese Mountain Dog. He loves life, people and just about everything else. He is still just a pup but in a large body that will knock you over with affection. He is learning to swim this summer and to listen better.
Rufus...Rufus is an Old English Sheepdog. He adores his family of 3 boys and 2 adults and is learning to enjoy his new brother, Roman. He loves his voice and enjoys using it at every opportunity. He is not enjoying the swimming lessons as much and registers his distaste by rolling in the dirt immediately afterward!
Gypsy...Gypsy is a Jindo (a rare Korean breed)! The only one I have had the good fortune of training thus far. Gypsy was in a shelter until her loving owners took her home. Boy did she move on up! She has very clear ideas and rules that she and her her owners must balance. She is incredibly expressive and loves to play with all sizes and sorts of dogs. She is very good at delicately telling her owners when she is unhappy about something.
Suki...One of my recent favorites. Suki was taken in as a foster and her temporary owner hired me to work with her. She loves training and learned alot in a our few sessions. She is a rambunctious, fun loving girl who now is looking for her forever home. I am quite sure she will find the perfect family who will enjoy her for years to come. She mastered all of her commands and tries not to be get too wound up when she is happy! She loves to play with dogs, people and toys. I hope to keep in touch with her as she moves into her new life.
Lucy is my trick girl! She is one of the first Beagles that I truly got to know and really enjoy. She had several illness’ as a young pup that made her puppyhood difficult. By the time she was finally healthy she was quite far behind in training and socialization. She is a real trooper who did not give up and learned all her lessons with zeal. It is hard to be in her presence and not smile.
Ginger...Ginger was a dog I had the pleasure of knowing who has since passed away. She had a dramatic change in her life when her owner passed away and she was uprooted from the country and moved far away to NYC at an old age. She was a real trooper who made the best of the move and all of the new things she encountered. I was lucky to have had the chance to work with her.
Rainbow...Rainbow is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is lovingly owned by a 6 year old girl. Rainbow took a bit to convince that pulling on the leash and trying to chase squirrels with her owner were not desirable traits. When his owner enforces his commands - he will obey. If she would rather play - he is up for that too! Rainbow loves his owner immensely and she takes wonderful care of him.
Bandit is a Lowchen - another unusual breed. To be honest he is a work in progress.He is incredibly smart and energetic. If he is not worked on a regular basis he will lapse into some bad habit. He loves training and is willing to learn any type of command and trick. He is an avid player with other dogs and with children. He loves to get into the middle of any and all excitement - whether it be good or bad!
Treble...Treble was one of my more interesting cases who has made such an effort to right her misbehaviors. Treble had been through 2 other homes before landing in her current, fantastic home. She had been badly attacked by a dog she had lived with and was seriously injured. When I met her she had decided all dogs were evil and could not be trusted. Even at a great distance- if she saw a dog, she would scream and carry on to the point people thought she was being mauled. It took awhile but she is now a perfect dog on the street- aside from the occasional pulling toward squirrels and the one dog who she has deemed an enemy. She will walk up to or by dogs and even greet them politely. Clearly her owners are all she needs to be happy!
Maximillian...Maximillian is a handsome Chihuahua. He is a true character and has a huge sense of humor. He has wonderful owners who he can hardly be without - to the point of having to battle separation anxiety in the beginning. He is so quick with his commands and behaviors that we used a clicker to help train him.
Tina...Tina is a classic - she is a strong female who has very particular likes and dislikes. She loves her owner and loves to go to work with her. She would rather ride in a car than walk in the park. She has definite moods that are quite easy to understand. On her lighter side- she loves to play ball and will soon be starting agility class with me. I am going to take Tina through therapy dog training which means she will be certified to visit hospitals, nursing homes and sick children to aid in their recovery. She is the perfect personality for it as she is calm and understated in her emotions.
Casey...Casey is the ultimate family dog and lives with the ultimate family - 3 kids and 2 adults who love her dearly. She has a unique relationship with each person in her family but none can compare to her relationship with her tennis ball. She loves training and has learned how to bow, walk backwards, jump into the air, go over and under objects, play hide and seek, and is learning play dead. In addition to this she knows all of her basic obedience. In general she would rather be moving than still.
Rocco and Carmine...
My bulldogs! These young boys are wild ones! Not like any bulldogs I have ever met! They are very athletic, love to wrestle and are quite mischievous. I was asked to work with them because they would not walk, Carmine used to crash into people’s ankles and Rocco used to take us for a drag! I am happy to report they are good boys now with their occasional prank - like digging up the planters.
Lulu and Pipi...
Lulu and Pipi are sisters- Yorkie's who could not be more fun! They have spectacular energy and expression. Lulu can smile on command and Pipi sticks her tongue out (because of her teeth). They love to work and enjoy all the commands they are learning. I have rarely seen two happier dogs.
Ollie and Phoebe...
The most incredible Bernese Mountain Dogs who I had the pleasure of training when they were pups, and even get to see them now as adults from time to time. As a puppy Ollie would steal food at any opportunity, was a challenge to walk with and Pheobe would mostly follow suit. They have matured into fantastic adults who are fun to be with and easy to walk. They attract a lot of attention on the street and are very blasť about it.
Chloe...Chloe is a beautiful young golden retriever who likes to do as she pleases (which is apparent by the glint in eye in the photos!). She is very smart, can be a bit lazy and believes she should not have to work hard. We have been working on her basic obedience and her recall. Her attitude about work has improved although I am sure her summer off will require a bit more work on her part.
Monty...Monty is a young rescue dog from North Shore Animal League. He is probably a black lab/chow mix- with a curly tail and a few black spots on his tongue. He has a very "hard" mouth so we are working on how to take things gently and not take a hand or finger off. His very committed owners work with him constantly and he is progressing very fast. He is too smart for his own good and can get into trouble if bored.
Jack...Jack is a handsome rescue dog that we believe is mostly Australian shepherd. He lives with 3 cats and 2 great owners. He must have had some scary experiences because he is petrified of many noises and things; including scooters, skateboards, children, loud trucks, etc. Instead of bolting- we are trying to teach Jack to sit when he is afraid. He is much happier when walking with other dogs so he has many dog friends.